STAFCO is leading the industry with the most reliable fertilizer storage tanks on the market. A majority of the fertilizer tanks manufactured are vertical in design. But, don’t let that stop you! Steel Tank and Fabricating Corp can build them horizontal as well with low profile anti-roll saddles. We build corrosion resistance into every fertilizer tank manufactured. You won’t find thinner upper rings on our tanks. These tanks will always have a 5/16” thick bottom head and ¼” shell from the bottom ring to the top which exceeds UL listed tank construction requirements. You won’t find that as a standard anywhere else. Every seam on these tanks is welded solid inside and out. So when you are looking at purchasing a fertilizer tank consider the following key elements:

  1. How thick is the material used on the bottom head? Our bottom head is always 5/16” thick A-36 carbon steel material
    1. Is it made from one piece of material or multiple pieces? On tanks up to 143” diameter our heads will be made from one piece of material with a 3” flanged rolled up on the outer edge. Just some added comfort we build into the tank. No weld seams to worry about under the bottom of your fertilizer tank.
    2. Is the exterior of the bottom coated? Absolutely! Our vertical fertilizer tanks are always coated with a black asphaltum to act as a moisture barrier.
  2. How thick is the material used on the shell? STAFCO fertilizer tanks will always have a ¼” shell from the bottom ring to the top. This is a standard developed at STAFCO
    1. Is it the same thickness from the bottom to the top? YES!
    2. How is it welded? Solid inside and out? Our tanks are butt fit construction and welded solid inside and out.
    3. What kind of leak testing is done at the factory before the tank is shipped? We test our tanks three separate times during production to 3 psi of pressure to ensure that our customer feels comfortable that the tank they receive won’t leak.
  3. Does the tank come standard with a manway? YES!
    1. If so what size? Our tanks come standard with a 24” heavy duty below liquid manway. This manway was tested and can withstand over 60psi of pressure without leaking.
  4. How many fittings come standard on the fertilizer tank? Our standard tank comes with a 24” manway, two 1” fittings for your sight gauge tubing, one 3” fitting for your fill/draw and a 3” T-Vent installed in the roof.
  5. How will it be delivered? All vertical tanks up to 143” dia and 36’ long can be delivered on a tip up trailer. This gives you the comfort knowing you won’t have to pay added crane costs associated with unloading the tank.
Manway 60PSI Tested Fertilizer Tank
Fertilizer Tank 02
Fertilizer Tank 03