STAFCO can take your design and bring it to life with our capability to fabricate custom storage tanks. Whether it is a horizontal, vertical or a cone bottom tank, our custom storage tanks are designed and developed to meet the specifications of your custom application. Our extended capacity can handle tanks up to 13 feet in diameter by 50 feet long and materials up to ½” thick. Whether your needs require a rectangular or round configuration, 150 gallons or 50,000 gallons, rest assured you will get a tank that will work for your application.

STAFCO manufactures a variety of custom storage tanks such as truck mounted tanks, oil field storage tanks, oil reservoirs, sprinkler tanks, asphalt sealer tanks, open top mixing tanks, culverts, feed troughs, and more. We build custom storage tanks for customers from the plans or sketch they provide. If you have custom tank needs, we will carefully consider your design, provide you with a competitive quote, and build you a tank that meets your needs and budget.

When you trust STAFCO for your custom storage tanks, you will benefit from our six decades of experience in the industry and receive the best in customer service to make your buying experience easy. Contact us today to discuss your custom storage tank needs.