When you are looking for a storage tank but are dealing with a height restriction, a horizontal storage tank from STAFCO is a wise decision. Horizontal storage tanks are manufactured as UL142, STI F921, Flameshield, UL2085 Fireguard or to your custom application. With diameters ranging from 28”- 13’ and lengths up to 50’ you are sure to find a tank to fit your capacity and space requirements.

A horizontal storage tank from STAFCO, gives you many support options from full length box skids, UL Plate saddles, non-ul bolt on saddles or even low profile anti roll saddles to keep your tank as low as possible.

Whether your horizontal storage tank requirements are for a single wall or double wall you can be assured that STAFCO can manufacture it to the highest standard in the industry.

STAFCO also has the ability to outfit your tank as well with the equipment necessary to quickly put your tank into service. STAFCO stocks a large variety of pumps, vents, nozzles and gauges and we can install most of the equipment at the factory.

Contact us today to discuss your horizontal storage tank needs.

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