Double wall tanks are implemented in an extremely broad range of applications to provide secondary containment for chemical or petroleum storage. Contractors, resellers, fleet fueling sites, municipalities, marine installations, small businesses, and agricultural operations, rely on double wall tanks since they are a dependable solution for meeting secondary containment requirements.

Whether it’s a dike or a simple containment pan, debris and water are sure to collect and require constant maintenance; double wall tanks eliminate the need for a secondary containment dike or pan by integrating the containment into the outer tank shell. When purchasing a double wall tank from STAFCO rest assured that your double wall tank will comply with UL142 standards and is in compliance with SPCC regulations for secondary containment.

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Steel Tank and Fabricating Corp double wall tanks are available in a horizontal or a vertical design from 300 gallons up to 30,000 gallons. Double wall tanks can be manufactured in wide range of styles from Fireguard, Flameshield, Contain-A-Tank, UL142 or STI F921 configurations.

Need equipment for your double wall tank? STAFCO can help there as well. Our large inventory of pumps, vents, nozzles and gauges allow us to install most of the equipment at the factory if requested; enabling your double wall tank to quickly be put into service.

When discussing or purchasing double wall storage tanks from STAFCO, you benefit from six decades of experience in the industry and receive the best in customer service to make your buying experience easy.

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Double Wall Storage Tanks Double Wall Storage Tanks

Double Wall Skid Tanks

Gallons Tank Size/Material
300 38″D X 5’0″L X 12GA/12GA
516 46″D X 6’0″L X 12GA/12GA
1,000 46″D X 12’0″L X 10GA/12GA
1,000 64″D X 6’0″L X 10GA/12GA
1,500 64″D X 9’0″L X 7GA/10GA
2,000 64″D X 12’0″L X 7GA/10GA
2,500 64″D X 15’0″L X 7GA/10GA
3,000 64″D X 18’0″L X 7GA/10GA
4,000 64″D X 24’0″L X 7GA/10GA
Steel Tank and Fabricating Corp.

Double Wall Tanks with Saddle Option

Gallons Tank Size/Material
3,000 64″D X 18’0″L X 7GA/10GA
4,000 64″D X 24’0″L X 7GA/10GA
5,000 96″D X 14’0″L X 1/4″/7GA
6,000 96″D X 16’0″L X 1/4″/7GA
8,000 96″D X 21’4″L X 1/4″/7GA
10,000 96″D X 27’0″L X 1/4″/7GA
10,000 120″D X 18’0″L X 1/4″/7GA
10,000 126″D X 15’7″L X 1/4″/7GA
11,600 126″D X 18’0″L X 1/4″/7GA
12,000 96″D X 32’0″L X 1/4″/7GA
15,000 126″D X 23’9″L X 1/4″/7GA
20,000 126″D X 30’0″L X 1/4″/7GA
25,000 126″D X 38’9″L X 1/4″/7GA
30,000 126″D X 46’6″L X 1/4″/7GA

Tanks 96” Diameter and larger include One Piece 5/16” Flat Flanged Heads

Tanks Larger than 30,000 gallons available upon request.